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This wikispace for PDHPE teachers originated at the AIS PDHPE conference at Central Coast Grammar School in May 2009. Since then it has become a useful space for PDHPE teachers to share their ideas and strategies in relation to integrating ICT into PDHPE.

Feel free to add links to content that you think is relevant.

AIS ICT Course - A Digital Journey: ICT tools to inspire PDHPE teachers @ St Catherine's School Waverley on 24th August 2010

Google Earth
Here's the files you will need to "play" in Session 1
First, click here and Open this of the trip John and Jo created of the City to Surf
Here's a cheat sheet to help with if you are interested (it certainly is NOT necessary)

Some movies of how to use Google Earth are found here including a few new ones uploaded Wednesday 25th August
Jo and John learnt to make Google Trips by visiting the Google Lit Trips website and playing.

Running Ahead allows you to plot a course and view the terrain and distance of that course.
Scribble Maps allow you to do something similar to this without having to use Google Earth. Click here for an example (real, current) trip by a couple and their children around Australia.

Syllabus links for using Google Earth as a T & L strategy include:
Stage 4
Strand 4 Lifelong PA Outcome 4.10Students learn about: health-related components of fitness
Stage 5
Strand 3 Individual & Community Health
Outcome 5.6 Students learn about: healthy food habits (nutrition & fluid replacement for PA) Strand 4 Lifelong PAOutcome 5.9Students learn about: planning for regular PAStage 6Preliminary Core 2 - The Body in MotionHow do the musculoskeletal and cardiorespiratory systems of the body influence and respond to movement?What is the relationship between physical fitness, training and movement efficiency?HSC Core 2 - Factors Affecting PerformanceHow does training affect performance?How can psychology affect performance?
How can nutrition and recovery strategies affect performance
HSC Option 3 - Sports MedicineHow are sports injuries classfied and managed?What role do preventative actions play in enhancing the wellbeing of the athlete?
Another idea is to use the City2Surf in Stage 6 HSC Core 1 - Health Priorities in Australia as a focus for the content area of 'healthy ageing' under the learn about: 'a growing and ageing population' (What are the priority areas for improving Australia's health?). The students could explore the City2Surf 'legends' - people who have competed in every city to surf since its inception 40 years ago http://www.city2surf.com.au/default.asp?PageID=20175 These participants are now in their 60's and over and would be a good case study to explore the ongoing activities and behaviours that people undertake as they age to reduce the risk of illness and disease and increase their physical, emotional and mental health.

Delicious is an online bookmarking tool. John's delicious account is "open", that is, anyone can view his "tags" (bookmarks)

ACMA The Australian Communications and Media Authority 'Cybersmart' site has lots of great resources for primary and high schools and also for parents around cyber safety. You can also link to information about free workshops that ACMA run for school, parents and/or teachers.

Flickr Creative Commons
Often teachers (and students) need images to support their work. Many of the images at Google Images are subject to copyright and very small in size.
Flickr Creative Commonsallows you to access and use high quality images.

Gapminder - visual statistical data on a range of trends including life expectancy. Can be used to show trends and also discuss the limitations of epidemiological data. (Click on Australia and Rwanda and watch the data come to life over time).
Click on the "For Teachers" link and look at the Human Development Trends, or go to the link here.
Download the off line version here
A relavant data map is
Worldmapper is a collection of world maps, where territories are re-sized on each map according to the subject of interest
Of interest are the preventable death (communicable disease) examples found here

Anatomy Sites
Interactive Body Moves
BBC Shools website - GCSE = Yr 10, A levels = Yr 11 and 12
Human Anatomy Online
Aerodynamics in Sports Equipment (good for fluid mechanics)
Virtual Knee Surgery

"Turn your photos & videos into pure amazing. Animoto automatically produces beautifully orchestrated, completely unique
video pieces from your photos, video clips and music. Fast, free and shockingly easy."
An example animoto video is this one (Yr 4 anti bullying)
Educators can obtain free licenses at present. Look here

"Wordle's claim is that it makes "beautiful word clouds."
An example of a wordle is this syllabus Wordle and the Rudd_apology
Tagxedois very similar, but has the added attraction of being able to apply an image to your word cloud. Use this silhouette of a soccer player to create your own.

Wall wisher
Create a space that allows students to post questions anonymously. Posts can be moderated if you choose.

if you can type, you can make movies.

Dvolveris similar to xtranormal

Make Beliefs Comix
Another great comic strip creating tool. Easy to use and can be emailed or printed once complete.

is an awesome web-based mind mapping tool. It is that it is collaborative, very graphical and can be embedded into pages.

Trevor Norman's Presentation (Head of PDHPE - Southern Highlands Christian School)
Unfortunately, Trevor couldn't do his presentation today. It is a Prezi presentation.
Here it is as a .pez file. You will need to save it and install the Prezi viewer to watch it.
Alternatively, his presentation was recorded using Jing screen capture software - watch it here.

Bloom's DigitalTaxonomy
An interesting read that includes digital skills within Bloom's Taxonomy. It identifies digital skills that fit into each of the Bloom's areas - remembering, understanding, applying, analysing, evaluating, creating.

The 10 Top Reasons Students Cannot Cite or Rely on Wikipedia
Is Wikipedia that inaccurate?

Go here to create your own Google Account

Some blogs we think are worth sharing
Shane Tech Teach
Mr Lumley's PDHPE site
Mr Robbo the PE Geek
Small Steps

AIS PDHPE Conference - Moving Forward @ Central Coast Grammar School on May 22nd 2009

Workshop Session - Using Wii for PDHPE run by Jo McLean & John Clear (AIS)

**Research article on whether Wii sports and Wii Fit are as good as the real thing**
Newspaper article on Wii injuries with a message to be sensible and go slow as you would when trying out any new sport
Newspaper article on the use of Wiis for occupational therapy
Link to Pearson Education for info on how to purchase PDHPE related worksheets related to Wii Fit activities
Research article evaluating the potential of the Nintendo Wii to support disabled kids in education
Research article on the health benefits of interactive video game exercise
Info for parents about Wii Fit
Newspaper article on Your Health: Can Games like Wii Fit really work it?
Choice magazine Wii Fit review
- Word Document
How fit are we - 'fitness' unit of study based around the wii. Being implemented by Jarrod Robinson in a Victoria School.

AIS ICT course - Advancing with ICT in PDHPE @ St Catherine's School Waverley on 2nd September 2009

Upload & Share PowerPoint presentations and documents at Slideshare.co.uk or slideshare.net/

Australian Institute of Health and Welfare
Register for free updates and information relating to Australia's health. Free downloads of all AIHW reports relevant to PDHPE. Also access to worksheets to support these reports which can easily be used with your PDHPE classes.

http://www.bbc.co.uk/schools/bitesize/ (GCSE is the equivalent of our yr 10 syllabus and it's just been re-written)

Comic Life lets you create comics, picture albums, how-tos... and more. Comic life
Nings Read about them here
Online quizes (30 day free trial) at quia-
Online draw generator (anyone know this site? Please tell us about it here)
Health and Medical Information for Australia
Hannibal for King (Fitness workout)

Texting while driving
Texting while driving from youtube (Warning, very graphic)
Funny awareness test from youtube
And another here

Simon Board, Head of PDHPE from Barker College presented Qwizdom http://www.quizdom.com/

Cacoo.com is awesome